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How many times have you called your internet provider complaining about your internet connection? If it’s anything like me you would probably be averaging once a week – minimum!

However, even though the ‘helpful technical staff’ on the other end of the phone have their script they have to read to you, your complaint may be sadly a problem with the hardware you have in your house rather than a connection problem. Although you can pretty much do a single test before calling your provider and telling them what they can do with their slow service.


The key to ALL internet related tests is simple – make sure you are connected to the modem via an ethernet cable before you do any testing. Most telco’s test with either Ookla Speedtest or OzSpeedTest, just make sure you stick with one consistently for best reporting.

Let’s skip ahead and assume that your internet provider has given you the best connection possible, but you are still having issues with connecting devices inside your home. Here’s a few questions to ask:

  1. What device is having a problem with the internet (iPhone, iPad, printer etc)?
  2. Is it the only device that is having issues?
  3. Is the device you are trying to connect a wireless device?



Oz Speedtest

Did you know?

As at the end of June 2015, there were approximately 12.8 million internet subscribers in Australia! (Source – ABS)

If it is the only device that is having problems, it could just need a restart to fix the issues. If not then more troubleshooting will be necessary, so get in touch with me to book an appointment. Click here to call me now.

If it’s a wireless device that you are having trouble with then this is where the ‘fun’ starts…

Wireless internet problems can be caused by many things. It may be that the modem/router you are using has older technology, it might be wireless interference from appliances in your house, it might be your house itself (depending on what the wireless signal has to go through, this can deplete the signal to your device).Wifi Extender

If you own an old router it might be time to upgrade, most routers around the $100 mark are pretty simple to setup, but lack the signal processing strength to potentially fix the blindspots in homes. I advise on spending more if your signal is important to you. If you just
aren’t sure what you need, send me an email or call and I will be happy to try and help you out. Even the routers that you get through your telco with your plan may not be strong enough to work how you want them to. A cheaper way to get around this (instead of purchasing another one) is to buy a wifi extender and boost your internet signal that way.

Network cable - CAT5EAnother question to ask is ‘Can my device connect via a network cable?’ Smart TV’s, set-top boxes, Apple TV and other streaming devices these days CAN run from a wireless signal, but SHOULD they? If you have a chance to connect your device with a network cable, then simply do it. You will always get the best results from a hardwire connection if you are able to.



Hopefully this has been some helpful advice on how to boost your internet in your home. If it’s all a bit too much to digest you can get in touch and get me to come to your home and do a home network audit for you. This process would generally take about half an hour, depending on the number of devices and the size of your house, but at the end of it you will have the information you need to build a robust home network for you and the family. Click on the button below to send me an email.